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Under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Amendment a fee the American Constitution, criminal defendants are historically entitled to legal advice if they cannot hire a lawyer of their own. So basically, the court should appoint an attorney who will represent …

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The general benefit of hiring a drunk driving attorney is that they understand the state law and the consequences of a drunk driving arrest. In fact, if the consequences to you are impressive and serious like losing your license, paying …

Guide To Hiring A Lawyer

Whether you are buying a new vehicle or hiring a general contractor, experts will always give the same advice: shop more. The same can be stated for hiring a lawyer, yet few of us do more than a mild research …

September 2017
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  • North Korea could test hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean, says foreign minister September 22, 2017
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says President Donald Trump's remarks to the United Nations threatening the hermit country reflect "mentally deranged behavior," according to a statement released by North Korea's news agency, KCNA.
  • Hunting is down in the US. The Trump administration wants to change that September 22, 2017
    Toy gun grasped firmly in his hand and a grin plastered wide across his face while he played "Big Buck Hunter Pro," Ryan Zinke could have been a kid at an arcade. But the Interior secretary and former congressman was actually in the department cafeteria showing off a the arcade game installed to commemorate hunting […]
  • A look back at the original Alaska Purchase September 22, 2017
    As the deadline to pass their health care plan looms, Capitol Hill Republicans are looking anxiously to Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The Alaska senator was one of three in her party to vote against legislation to dismantle Obamacare during the GOP's last attempts, and could again decide the fate of her party's latest repeal-and-replace effort.
  • 4 charts that explain what Graham-Cassidy will do September 22, 2017
    Senate Republicans continue to push forward on a plan to hold a vote sometime next week on legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The bill, which is sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, and Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, still lacks the 50 votes it needs -- although Graham this week expressed confidence […]
  • Rapper talks hip-hop and racism in America: Trump 'took the sheep off the wolf' September 22, 2017
    Hip-hop had been tackling racism, police brutality and criminal justice reform in America decades before they became cornerstones of modern presidential campaigns, and Rapsody is humanizing these hot-button issues by giving them faces and names.
  • Trump's approval again reaches 40% after positive reaction to hurricane response September 22, 2017
    President Donald Trump's approval rating has once again reached 40%, while earning high marks for his handling of the government's response to recent hurricanes, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.
  • Trump turns to sanctions, diplomacy on North Korea after threatening destruction September 22, 2017
    President Donald Trump said Thursday he will announce new sanctions on North Korea in a latest attempt by the United States to punish the country for its nuclear weapons program.
  • US stealth fighter jets adding more firepower September 22, 2017
    The US military gave North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a rare sneak peek at its fighter jet of the future this week when four F-35 Joint Strike Fighters equipped with a full payload of live bombs and missiles conducted a training flight over the Korean peninsula.
  • Trump goes to Alabama to save Luther Strange -- and spare GOP from Roy Moore September 22, 2017
    President Donald Trump is set to step into a Senate race in Alabama that will test whether his word is enough to sway Republican voters in a hard-fought Bible Belt contest.
  • Meet the judicial renegade overseeing Sen. Menendez's trial September 22, 2017
    Passing references to Agatha Christie novels, a nod to a carrot-based stew served during Jewish holidays, and an "old Mesopotamian" adage on herding cats have managed to shine through the federal corruption trial against Sen. Bob Menendez through an unconventional source: 84-year-old federal judge William Walls

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